Our instructors are next-level, next question. Real picky with the hiring around here. To book private or semi-private sessions with our instructors, holler at love@newlovecity.co.

Emily Shapiro, remote senior instructor; website | instagram

Conor Yates, director of education, senior instructor; website | instagram

Jennifer Jones, owner, founder, senior instructor; website | instagram | spotify

Keela Williams, senior instructor; instagram | spotify

Hayley Isaacson, NLC TT graduate, director of operations, instructor; instagram | spotify

Mackenzie Sutherland, NLC TT graduate, studio manager, instructor; instagram 

Emily Faber, NLC TT graduate, instructor; instagram 

Lulu Soni, instructor; websiteinstagram | spotify

Aaron Diamond, instructor, studio manager; websiteinstagram | spotify

Sam Wilensky, NLC TT graduate, instructor; websiteinstagram | spotify

Keri Setaro, instructor; websiteinstagram | spotify

Sara Mendelson, remote instructor; instagram | spotify