• New Love City 68 Greenpoint Avenue #4 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States

 We are having a holiday get-down this Friday, Dec 2, doors at 8, live music at 9, so don't try to be cute and fashionably late because we will not wait for you. There will be pizza and dranks and you are invited and so is your friend. My long-lost twin brother Tommy is in a band called the Drunken Sufis and they have agreed to bless us with a live version of their ambient offering, which is going to be experimental and awesome. The Sufis are accepting cash donations in support of Nodapl Water Protectors, because that seems like the right thing to do. Here's a facebook event page if you need that sort of thing. Put it in your calendar immediately and let me know if you're bringing like 35 people so I can adjust the pizza order accordingly.