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Trust the Teacher :: A Lab for Gurus

  • New Love City LLC 68 Greenpoint Ave, #4 BROOKLYN United States (map)

Be Shakti is back in action this February with Trust the Teacher :: A Lab for Gurus, wherein she wanted to do a workshop but didn't have the content planned out just yet and we decided that was kind of cool in and of itself. Teachers and teaching moments present themselves when we get quiet and allow, surrender, trust, whatever you want to call it - we have to shut up before we can listen, learn. Workshops often come from a place of ego - we want to nail the handstand, to find the hand balances, to untangle the things we don't understand; we want out of the dark and into that advanced practice. The true advanced practice comes not from mastery of shapes but from the ability to abandon our fear of the darkness, to relinquish attachments to end result and trust the unfolding. The advanced practitioner is the purest student, one who allows their mind to be blown on the daily, who learns something in every scenario and knows that what they need most may be something they never could have imagined on their own. 

Be is my teacher; she has taught vinyasa, yin and ashtanga yoga for many years. She is a bhakti yogi and a storyteller, a runner and a ruthless adventurer. She has taken my limited joint mobility and short hip flexors and called me perfect, shown me and my practice places I never thought possible. 

Trust the Teacher :: A Lab for Gurus comes to NLC on Saturday, Feb 16, from 2 - 4pm. $50 in advance or at the door. Click here to reserve in advance!