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VIBE :: The OM Lab

  • New Love City 68 GREENPOINT AVE #4 Brooklyn United States (map)

If you're that one kid who's vinyasa-obsessed with a boss flow but sits all silent and uncomfortable, enduring the OM at the end of the class because it seems as though you have to but you'd really rather not, hi, welcome! If you're the other kid who maybe doesn't super get what's going on with the OM but you've tried it a few times and hate to admit that you kinda like it, this one's for you! And if you're 100% all in on some body-shaking OMs and want to sing and vibrate and sound-heal and make noise, let's fucking do this.

Please join our very own Sam Wilensky and our dear friend cellist Dan Bindschedler for this 90-minute introduction to OM and its healing properties. In this workshop, we will practice, explore, and discuss a different style of meditation that occurs physically through vocal chords and vibrations to counteract stress on the body and mind. This workshop is suitable for all human beings and maybe your dog, too.

This workshop is a three-parter:

Part 1:
The history of OM, its function and place in our practice

Part 2:
Guided Meditation - An exploration of the OM chant and its vibrations led by Dan on cello

Part 3:
Closing Yin Yoga Practice - a 30-minute grounding class led by Sam, accompanied by live cello

An audio recording of cello drones will be available to all students sign up for the workshop

Saturday, April 27, 1:30 - 3:00pm, $40, click HERE to sign up.